Tilt N Turn window

Tilt And Turn Window

Tilt N Turn window is designed to provide a European standard window option for fabricators and clients alike

Product Details

Tilt-turn windows are three windows in one. Tilt and turn windows open in multiple directions through the use of a single operating handle. Depending on the handle position, they can be operated as a fixed window (handle in 6 o’clock position), inward casement window (handle in 9 o’clock position) or hopper window (handle in 12 o’clock position). Tilt and turn windows provide excellent ventilation control. The locking mechanism presses the sash against the frame creating an airtight seal improving security, insulation and acoustics. The restricted opening size limits the possibility of unwanted human entry or exit. In the inward casement position, tilt and turn windows allow the sash to open fully for maximum ventilation and provides a means of escape in case of emergency.

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