Tilt And Slide Door

Tilt N Slide doors offer the ultimate in protection for your home.

Product Details

The tilt and slide door is unique in concept and design. The construction utilizes a sash that slides free of the frame on a rail system enabling a full perimeter cam locking system to be employed. This design not only enables double sealing but also incorporates a useful tilt function providing optimum ventilation whilst maintaining a barrier to children and pets. It is these distinct features that make the tilt and slide door the ideal alternative to a standard sliding door. The Tilt and Slide patio doors can either be tilt and slide or fixed and the window sashes can be either fixed, tilt & turn, turn only or tilt only. Our tilt and slide patio doors benefit from all round locking, a weather bar, low resistance sliders and draught seals, resulting in high security and weather performance. One leaf is fixed and the other can be tilted back to give ventilation only. When required as an exit, the leaf can then be slid back like a conventional patio door. There is also the option of fitting an external handle.

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